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Little Pickles Massage was established
August 2014


Baby Massage


Baby massage is a lovely way to spend quality time with your baby, learning about their needs and likes in relation to touch.


The Baby Massage course I teach is demonstrated on a doll by me, and the parent/carer massages their own baby.  I offer a 5 - week course, which is usually in a group setting.  However if you would prefer a one to one consultation that is also available.



The massage is broken down into areas of the body and 1 or 2 of these will be demonstrated each week.  For example;


Week 1 – Legs, feet and colic routines.

Week 2 – Stomach & chest routines.

Week 3 – Arms and hands routines.

Week 4 – Face routine.

Week 5 – Back routine and gentle movements.


The massage is made up of 4 different styles, as follows;


Indian Massage is about taking toxins away from the body, so these are downwards strokes.


Swedish massage is about stimulating circulation, so these are upwards strokes.


Reflexology is about using pressure points on the hands and feet to remove blockages in the body.


Gentle Movements are yoga style moves, which help to stretch baby’s arms and legs and align the spine and pelvis.

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